Computer Speakers - JBL Spot speakers with JBL Creature III Sub?


Dec 17, 2014
The new Creatures don't fit depressions on my stand and the old Spots do. The Spots are 6w per channel and the Creatures are 5w. The Creature allows 80 watts max power and the Spot is 30w max. I'm over my head here but it seems as if they will work without blowing up although pumping up the Creature sub may blow the Spots so I have to monitor that.

Am I off base here and should there be other things I should think about?

Thanks for any and all assistance.


Hi Hotlips, powering wise you should be ok. I don't think you're going to blow anything up. It might slightly stress the amp. The only issue you might come across is that the satellite speakers are configured to work with the sub unit. And what I mean by that, is how the highs and lows are sent to each unit.

Happy listening, the Prisoner...


Dec 17, 2014

Thanks for your response and insight. I will tread carefully with distortion. Good to know no explosion.

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