Computex 2014 Day 1 Highlights: Top 10 Stories

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Jun 3, 2014
Where are the tablets with HDMI INPUT?

Without an HDMI INput, tablets can't hook up to photo/video cameras, cell phones, laptops, gaming systems, desktops, etc. to serve as a larger, higher rez, secondary or touch enabled display. In other words, without an HDMI input, tablets are just gadgets that hardly put their displays to good use.

Manufacturers keep giving us tablets with ever better displays that can't show anything other than content originating from the device itself. Pathetic and sad! It's like a TV without any input ports, that can only show internet content, or content stored on it's feeble internal storage. Imagine a TV you can't hook up your camera to. Or DVD player. It doesn't make sense. Well, nor do any of the current dumb tablets.

Lets start pestering manufacturers, including Apple, so they give us INTELLIGENT products, instead of just copying each others stupidity in an endless cycle of 'me too' products! Perhaps Tom's Hardware could write an article about the mysteriously missing HDMI input port on tablets to help the cause. And with micro HDMI ports being so small, there's no excuse for their absence!
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