confused about laptops


Apr 11, 2013
I have been looking for a laptop for school/home use (I am an older student) and I have looked at everything from Toshiba to HP to Gateway, and actually just purchased a special open box Sony VAIO for my daughter, and shipped it out to her yesterday. I am slightly jealous as the Sony VAIO was really a sweet deal, with all the bells and whistles needed, as she is now in her master's program, all online, and uses computers heavily. While not so paper-intensive, I have several online classes and need a reliable laptop. I am told, when I have been in the store looking, that Samsung is better, no wait, ASUS they say, and the kids are confusing me. I would like one with Intel in it, preferrably a Core i5 or more, but I have limited funds, $600.00 or less. Probably won't find an i7 for that price. I also prefer a 17 inch, but can settle for a 15 inch if it has 10-key with it. We have been looking at Walmart and Best Buy as that is where the credit cards are... just an fyi. Any help would be appreciated... I prefer to avoid refurbished though. Thank you ~ Confused.