confused with the dolby drivers


Jan 20, 2014
so i went ahead and bought lenovo z510 with i7..i'm a programmer (learning now) and a casual gamer,i also like to listen music and my lappy says dolby home theater v4 on it,i searched the applications installed and i could not find a single driver or any equialiser,so i was pissed off.then i searched the lenovo drive which comes pre loaded with all the drivers for the laptop just in case the driver might not have pre installed,i was right but i am confused with the selections...i gives 4 installation out of which only one can be installed i.e- dolby home theater v4,dolby digital plus audio,dolby advanced audio v2 and dolby digital plus home theater.can you guys please thell me which software should i install which is best for my machine.(which sounds best)