Connect 5.1 soundcard to Pioneer HTP-073 Home Cinema Receiver.


Mar 17, 2015
My soundcard (Creative SB X-FI) has always output 5.1 to my old Sony amp - I connected it via dedicated inputs on the Sony.

I have recently bought a new Pioneer HTP-073 amp which has HDMI inputs for all devices and 1 HDMI output to the TV. I cannot connect the soundcard to the amp so that I get 5.1 output. I have tried HDMI from the graphics card but that only gives me the option of stereo within the PC settings. I have connected it via an optical cable but again I only get stereo.

Has anyone any suggestions for how to connect the soundcard to the amp? I've changed all PC settings so this is a hardware issue rather than a settings issue. Anyone know of a soundcard which has a dedicated HDMI output port?

You have done the receiver set up?
The optical output should work. If you get the PC set to output 5.1 does the receiver display indicate you are outputing 5.1? If it does then check the surround mode setting on the receiver for that input. Try different settings. The receiver should remember the surround mode for each input as you left it last time you selected it. Saves you having to change it when you change inputs. Auto will usually default to stereo if it gets a 2 channel signal. Dolby will default to Dolby ProLogic which will give you some surround sound.


Jul 8, 2008
Optical makes the most sense, as the amp will likely do a better job converting the audio signal to analog then the soundcard will.

Note: Optical is limited to stereo unless you send either a Dolby or DTS signal. Depending on your exact soundcard, you should have support for either Dolby Digital Live or DTS Neo PC, which will take a 5.1 audio signal and convert it to Dolby/DTS spec.
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