Connect a new Sony Bravia tv to old stereo Pioneer 251R receiver with tape and cd. . I also have Bose speakers a Roku and hdm

Most Sony TVs have a hybrid analog audio output (usually a headphone jack). You can connect that to any analog input on the receiver that isn't "phono". The RCA connections you describe are inputs. You need an output.
You may need to turn it on in the TV menu. You may be able to set it to variable out so the TV remote will adjust the volume.
All your sources (BD player for example) connect to the the TV directly.
If the TV only has digital audio out then you can use a optical digital to analog converter.



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Are you wanting to use the TV as an Audio source or output? What audio outputs do you have on the TV? What OPEN inputs do you have on your receiver? We need a few more details!



Jan 18, 2018
Thanks, I have been doing a lot of research watching video and reading posts trying to solve. I am usually able to however this is beyond my wheelhouse so I really appreciate this thread.
First I want the smartest solution to the problem so am open to recommendations. I thought I had it solved with the extractor but my receiver is so old I do not know how to solve the input limitations. I also have a Panasonic Blue Ray player DMP-BD75. I would like to run my tv sound through my receiver and speakers or just tv by selecting that on the tv. On my receiver I have CD, Tape 1/DAT , Tape 2/monitor/(both tapes have a record input and a play input) VCR/LD,phono. All inputs are red and white. My tv has audio right and left (red and white) and Pr(blue),Video(green), video/audio lr(video in1) . I hope this is what you need. Thanks again
I have hdmi and analog connections on the tv it is a new Sony Bravia smart tv hd.
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