Connect Exibel BDX610 Bluetooth DAB Stereo System to Exibel BTX1500 Tower Speaker?

Sep 25, 2018
I purchased these items to be used in a therapy room for the charity I work for (Cancer support) I was assured by the seller (through a live chat on their website) that the two would work together. Now we have them in situ they appear to both be Bluetooth receivers so won't connect to each other??? Is there anything I can do to get them to play nicely together before I give up and accept that a highstreet big name have screwed over a small local charity?
They are both receivers so they won't connect to each other. If the seller won't correct their mistake there is a work around.
You can connect a speaker to line level converter (with level controls) in parallel with the speaker output of the stereo system. Connect that to a bluetooth transmitter so you can pair the tower speaker with it. I would get a transmitter than can pair with two speakers just in case you decide to add one in the future. That might cover the therapy room more evenly.
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