connect home theater to pc

diven nuttall

Apr 15, 2014
Do you what to have the surround sound speaker asswell? or just the front and subwoofer? If you just what to use the two front speaker this will work:
Note: each channle is about 7 watts each and your speakers are 40w each so they wont go to max volume but for a pc they will be good.

If you what to use all 6 speakers you will have to make sure your motherboard has the right out puts for 5.1 sound and if it doesnt you will then need to get a sound card. you will also need an ampliefer wich are quite expensive.

so like americanaudiophile said it would be cheaper and easier to just get a logitech pc speaker system if you whated to use all 6 speaker and if you just what to use 2 you will be good to go with that ampliefer that a linked, i have that one hooked up to my 2 front speakers and it works good with my pc.