Connect laptop to output to HDMI EPSON projector input and Samsung HDMI TV input but only one HDMI output on computer


Aug 2, 2015
I am trying to run wireless PowerPoint slide presentations from a laptop but I need for the display to appear on the screen (through the projector) and on the TV monitor. The laptop has only one HDMI output. I have not trouble getting the signal to the screen through the projector and we have an adapter with two HDMI outputs. The computer, projector, and TV monitor all have VGA connections. I know that VGA is analog and HDMI is digital but is it possible to connect to the projector using both a VGA cable and an HDMI cable so that the signal is sent from the computer to the projector with the VGA output and then sending a signal from the HDMI output on the computer to the adapter to send a signal to the TV monitor? Is there an adapter that that can be used to send the signal from the computer to it and then send the signal out of the adapter to both the projector and the TV monitor?

VGA won't produce any sound if you use it with the project either the TV unless you use a HDMI Y - Cord which 1 end connects to the laptop and the other 2 ends connects to the projector and TV. You should be able to get sound if you do that set up.
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