connect LG tv to DISH Joey to Sony Blu Ray AV System


May 19, 2015
I would love to have 1 remote for all but would be happy for everything to just work!
I have the DISH Joey, the LG TV AKB73975711 and the Sony AV Sytem RMADP111. I have tried so many configurations that I think I should probably restore each device to original settings and start from scratch.
Those are the model numbers of the remotes not the actual equipment so I can't tell what connections you have.
The most straight forward is to connect the Joey to the TV with HDMI and connect the audio out of the TV to the Sony. If the Sony has a disc player in it you would connect that to the TV with HDMI for playback.
If both the TV and Sony have ARC (audio return channel) then you would use the HDMI input labeled ARC for the Sony and turn the ARC on. You would not need another connection to get the sound from the Joey into the Sony.
The Joey has analog and digital audio out so you can connect that directly to the Sony if the TV doesn't have any audio outputs.
As to the remotes you can use a Logitech Harmony remote to combine all your controls to one hand unit.


May 19, 2015
Sorry about the remote numbers instead of model numbers!
The tv is LG 60LB5200
The AV System is Sony BDV-E3100
Just in case this makes a difference. And I know the TV does NOT have the ARC and I don't think the Sony does either.

I miss the days when I could sketch out a little flowchart and see the logic of the connections but there are too many either/or selections nowadays.

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