Connect mp3 player to home stereo tuner to record fm station?

Jun 1, 2018
Trying to connect mp3 player to home stereo tuner to record a local fm station. The fm station is not online and is not strong enough to be tuned into a mp3 radio setting. This station plays only music 24/7. I'd like to record it on a mp3 player and take the station recordings with me when I travel. Is this possible?
Actually, some MP3 players can record audio. It depends on the player.

If your MP3 player cannot record audio, the next most likely candidate is your smartphone. You'll probably need to download an audio recording app because for some reason they don't seem to ship with one built-in. And you'll need a headphone/mic splitter which fits your phone's headphone jack. Connect an audio cable from the tuner's phono out jack to the splitter's mic. Then use the app to record.

A PC will work two, but (unless it's a laptop) would require an audio cable long enough to reach between the PC and tuner (which can pick up stray electrical noise if it's really long). Or lugging the PC next to the tuner.


Nov 2, 2015

Your MP3 PLAYER, cannot record. It is a player.

You would have to send the audio to a PC, then save it as an MP3, then upload it to your MP3 player.
Jun 1, 2018

Thank you Solandri. I forgot to mention the MP3 player I have does record. I'll find the cables you mention and give it a try. If it doesn't work I'll try the laptop.
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