Connect my Turntable(Ion Pure LP) to my speakers?


Jun 20, 2015
Hi I just got a new turntable, ION Pure LP, I only want to use it to play records, I don't have an amplifier, it is said in the manual that I could connect it to powered speakers. What kind of cable should I use?
Looks like I need a "red" and "white" cable both end, but that sounds strange to me.
The turntable has left and right RCA jack outputs. You will need a stereo cable with RCA plugs at the TT end. If the speakers have RCA plugs then you need these at both ends. If not then you need the correct connectors at the speaker end.
Controlling the volume will be tricky as you will have to adjust the volume of each speaker spearatly since the TT doesn't have a volume control. You can add a stereo volume control if you want.