Connect samsung tv to time warner cable to xbox to bluray


Jan 3, 2013

I am trying to conect a Samsung LCD TV to an LG blu ray, xbox 360, and time warner cable box. Right now I have 2 HDMI cables...1 connected to the cable box and 1 connected to the blu ray player. In order to conect the Xbox, and not keep moving cables, do I need an HDMI hub? Also, my blu ray player shows the movie but there is no sound. The only thing connected is the HDMI. Do I need another cord somewhere for audio? The manual was worthless.


Apr 8, 2012
Assuming the samsung only has 2 HDMI in, then yes you need an HDMI switch to connect both the blu ray and xbox.

As for the video but no audio issue, HDMI carries both audio and video. Make sure the HDMI cable is the only thing running between the TV and the Blu Ray player (if you have additional audio cables in there it might not work.

Its also possible that there is some random setting that is not correct. Go through the input menu on the TV and the audio menus on both the TV and blu ray in depth and see if you can find anything that might indicate that audio is not running through HDMI on both sides.