Question Connect Sonos Beam to Panasonic th42pf20u

May 10, 2019
I have a Panasonic th42pf20u TV. I purchased a Sonos Beam (soundbar) to connect to the TV. The Sonos Beam needs to be connected to the TV be either HDMI ARC or Optical, but my TV has neither. What adapter do I need to connect them?
The only audio output your TV has is to connect passive speakers. You would need to connect a speaker to line level adapter to those connections. The output of that would have to an analog to digital converter. The output of that would have to connect to the optical to HDMI-ARC converter that Sonos sells.
Overall it's not worth the trouble.
Return the Beam and get two passive speakers and connect them directly to the TV. Or get a soundbar with an aux input and use the speaker to line level converter to connect it to the TV.