Question Connect vizio SB36512-F6 to BenQ 2050A

Dec 14, 2019
Appreciate any suggestions. I currently have a benq projector with built in speakers connected to a PC. I just use the chrome browser to watch everything(netflix,sports,movies) on the projector. How can I route the audio to a new soundbar that I purchased? The projector doesnt have an HDMI Arc port. I currently do not have the space for a receiver/home theater setup. I simply plug in a 3.5mm cable from projector audio out to the soundbar. It works but I am assuming its not the 5.1.2 channels I was hoping for. what is the best way to connect these three systems (PC>Benq>Vizio) to get the optimum audio output? Do I purchase a HDMI sound extractor(link below) and connect it to the pc with one hdmi going to projector and another going to the soundbar?
or a HDMI splitter which separates the audio and video
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