Question Connect Wireless USB Headphones To Two Different PCs

Jun 21, 2022
Is there a way to connect my Logitech G533 Wireless USB Headphones to two different computers at the same time with close to no latency?

I have two computers, one is my Linux computer that I use for 90% of my work and the other is a Windows computer mostly used for gaming, I want a way to have audio output from both devices but still have wireless headphones. From what I found; there are only solutions for wired headphones, which won't work for my use case. I wonder if something as simple as this will work (doubtful), but I'm guessing I need some kind of audio interface to have the result I'm looking for.

Any help would be appreciated <3
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You can use bluetooth and pair a bluetooth headset to two systems. You would want to use a good quality set with at least bluetooth 4.2 and adapters with same specs. Wired is best of course, and the custom audio USB dongles will not share between systems properly, sharing USB devices is not very robust, they tend to randomly disconnect from one computer or the other.

The cable you listed is for adding extra power from the USB ports not for sharing data.
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