Connected but not charging

Andor Snell

Sep 22, 2014
Hi I got a few problem with my Acer laptop from 2013. I was doing a partial reset of Windows 8.1 but it got stuck on some troubleshoot blue screen but after leaving it off for a few hours it showed a screen asking me to choose OS between Windows 8.1 and the fail safe mode or whatever it\s called. I was suprised that it started working because before it would just crash. But now after using the laptop again I gaze at the corner of the screen and see that the battery is not charging. So I hover over it and it says "Connected but not charging" so I try to unplug the charger and it shuts off. Replug press start and works again. it's not charging and it shuts off when I unplug it.
The laptop was working perfectly until it started to get a few hicups and after like a few months I decided to do the partial reinstall and every since I got it to work after being stuck in the blue screen as mentioned above it's been having some real trouble working

Help I don't want to send it to repair if there's a easy fix to it

Please try removing the battery and just plug in the AC adapter and power it on. Once the laptop is on plug the battery as well and see if it charges. If not try to uninstall and reinstall the ACPI driver in Device Manager. Uninstall it then reboot the laptop, that should reinstall that driver back once it's started again.

Hope this helps.
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