Question Connecting 2 Denon receivers for multi-room listening

May 26, 2020

I recently purchased a Denon AVR-x2600h 7.2 receiver. I currently have it set up to run a 6.1 living room setup. Works fine.
I also have an older Denon 2809CI which I am no longer using.

Furthermore, I have 2 speakers in my dining room and 2 outside speakers on my varanda. All these speakers are B&W old school (not wireless).
The speaker wires of all 4 speakers run through the walls of my house and and easily reach my Denon AVR-x2600 in the living room.

Now my confusion. Since I am using 6.1, I cannot use the zone 2 option which would mean using both surround back channels.
(I am already using 1 surround back in my 6.1 setup.) I believe zone 2 is for 5.1 setup and the other two back channels serve for zone 2.

Is it possible to connect my new Denon to the older model and play the 2 speakers in the dining room and the 2 outside?
How would I connect this?

I believe I connect the zone preout of the x2600 to ???? Not sure where! There are so many input options.

And the 4 speakers? Can I choose to use to connect to the Denon 2809ci with either front, center, middle, back, or must I use surround?
Do I need to go into the menu of either Denon to configure?

Or would I need to buy a separate amplier for my idea?
Lastly, is it better to try to convert these 4 speakers to wireless speakers via some adaptor and then try using Heos to run everything wireless?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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