Connecting 5.1 speakers to LG 32LB5820 smart tv

Harish Harry

Apr 10, 2014
I was planning to buy creative 5.1 speakers which costs around 5k. It comes with 3 jack cables (1 for front speakers, 1 pin for rear speakers and 1 for centre speaker) but my tv has only one 3.5mm jack port. I read that using a 3 way splitter would solve the problem but it screws up your tv audio. Following are the rear side ports of my TV:
RF In 1 (H)
Composite In (CVBS + Audio) 1 (H, Composite/Component Common)
Component In (Y,Pb,Pr + Audio) 1 (H, Composite/Component Common)
Digital Audio Out (Optical) 1 (H)
LAN 1 (H)
Headphone out 1 (H)

Is there any device like amplifier or soundcard etc that can solve the problem....Or is there any other version(different output cable) of 5.1 speaker that i can buy? My budget is limited to 5k( So no home theatre)



Apr 29, 2006
If you can find a 3 way splitter it won't give you surround. It will simply spit out the same Left/Right audio to all speakers. Depending on which speakers you buy you might be able to hook it up to your DVD player directly. At least your movies will be in 5.1.
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