Connecting a New Blu Ray Player to an Older Receiver


May 12, 2015
I have a receiver and an HD DVD Player, both are about eight years old. I recently tried to replace the HD Player with a Blu Ray Player. I though that the switch would be easy because the only thing connecting the HD Player to the Receiver was an HDMI Cable. So I just used the same HDMI cable and connected it to the new Blu Ray player thinking the connections would be the same. Now I can hear the new Blu Ray Player on the TV speakers, but not on the surround speakers. When I had the old HD DVD Player hooked up, the sound would go through the TV and/or the receiver. Would adding a digital audio cable to the receiver do it, or are there other suggestions?
Check the audio setting menu on the BD player (try different settings) and those of the input set up menu on the receiver (make sure it has HDMI as the audio source). Yes you can use a digital audio cable if the BD player has the output. If your receiver supports lossless audio from BD discs you won't be able to get the better audio quality that HDMI supports but that the digital out doesn't.
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