Question Connecting a PolkAudio MM 4010 Subwoofer

Feb 7, 2019
I have a the above Woofer that has formerly seen service in a motor vehicle. It is wired for a nominal 4 ohms.
I have a Yamaha RX-V463 receiver that has a single Sub Woofer RCA output ( rated at 4V/4 V/1.2 kΩ)

The abovementioned speaker box has a + and - connection connection one would find on any conventional speaker. It has no other connectors for an external power supply.

Would the speaker work if connected directly to the receiver Woofer out put by a regular 1 into 2 RCA connection cable?

I'm a complete Newbie at this and any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Retro. :D
Feb 7, 2019
AVRs are all designed to work with self powered subwoofers so you can't connect a passive woofer to the subwoofer output of the receiver. You would need to add an amplifier to do that.
Bro I accept what your're saying to me but I do wonder when you say "You would need to add an amplifier to do that". There seems to be absolutely no where for an external amp to be connected to this speaker!!

The original owner must certainly have used the thing you'd think??
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