Solved! connecting a sub to my system without a preamp out/sub out


Nov 22, 2015
will this be a possible connection please? ttable-phono preamp-subwoofer line in-subwoofer line out-amplifier aux input-speakers. thank you
So wo sub out, you are attempting to extract sub info from L+R, is that it?

U can use a Y-cable splitter and send line out to active sub assuming sub has built-in crossover, but L+R remain to receive full-range signal.

More ideally, sub does crossover for whole system, and passes-thru high-pass signal to L+R but needs amplification for L+R unless L+R are active speakers.

Must keep line level and high level signals separate.


Nov 22, 2015
here's my intention once again. from my phono preamp's L + R rca outputs to l +r rca inputs of powered subwoofer with built in crossover. then from l +r rca outputs of powered subwoofer to amplifier to speakers. will that work? does this mean that the sub will take in all the low freq from the phono preamp and send only the mids and highs to the amplifier? thanks for yr post jsmithepa
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