Question Connecting active+passive to integrated amp...

Mar 12, 2023
My Peachtree Nova 300 is a 2 channel integrated amp. I run (2x) passive PSB X2T towers (connected using bare wire) and (x2) active Genelec monitors (xlr). The Genelecs XLR are connected to an external volume control box which then connects to the 300 using bananas plugged into the same terminals as the PSBs. This setup allows me to tailor the volume level of the Genelecs while running both sets of speakers depending on my position, desk or couch. Basically an optional Frankenstein 4.1 channel set-up.

Ive read opinions claiming this is impossible/shouldnt be done without ever finding an explanation as to exactly why. Its all french to me, am I jamming a square peg into a round hole? Maybe, but Im doing it, it works beautifully and Ive been running this for years without any issues. Amp hasnt caught fire, speakers havent exploded, still sounds great with no discernible difference in quality with 4 speakers.
Maybe the brute force of this amp is simply pushing things along just fine, I never crank it up to the point its a vibrating wall of ear bleeding noise, maybe Im slowly frying my capacitors etc? I dunno. If anyone with technical knowledge is willing to explain it to me like Im 5 why this is a bad idea, Im all ears.
Much appreciated.