Connecting AV Amp to Focal Sopra N2


Jan 21, 2018
Hi all

I've bought a pair of Focal Sopra N2 recently but I haven't bought the amplifier yet. A lot of my devices have digital outputs (playstation 4, Xbox One etc, 4k UHD player etc) so naturally I would want to use an amplifier that can take on all these HDMIs / digital outputs and to output to my 4k UHD TV.

I am thinking of Denon X6400H or the upcoming X8500H. Do you think they are powerful enough to support the speakers?

Alternatively, should I consider to buy an integrated amp and to pair with my AV amp? If I decide to go with this route, can you please also advise how I should connect things here?

Thanks a lot in advance.

It's not a matter of power as much as it is quality and stability. No AV receiver is going to let you take full advantage of those.
If you are only doing 2 channel then there really isn't a need for a surround receiver at all. You will get better sound from a high quality integrated amp or preamp power amp combination.
If you had to use an AVR then I would suggest a Marantz as being a better match than the Denon. If you got an AVR with line level outputs you could add any amp to it but you would still be spending a lot of money for amps and processing you don't need if you weren't doing surround sound.
You could use a DAC that has HDMI inputs like the Essence HDAAC or the Byston BDA-3 with any preamp amp combination.
All this depends on how much you have to spend. Focal assumes that if you buy expensive speakers you have the means to use them with the right gear. Check out a Focal dealer in your area, They will be able to make some suggestions.
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