Connecting cable box, blurry and tv to sound bar


Jan 6, 2016
Hello, I have a Motorola cable box, Samsung TV model UN39EH5003F, Samsung Blu-Ray model BDE5400, and Samsung HW-J550 sound bar. How can I connect them? My TV does not have digital optical. Someone suggested I could use some kind of a converter to use the component video connections on my TV as digital optical but I don't know what type of converter I need or where to get it. I have the cable box connected to sound bar but how do I also connect the dvd to it? Thanks


There is NO WAY that I can see from the images or the specifications of that TV to connect it as output to a sound bar. BUT, I believe what you can do is use the optical in from the cable box and send the HDMI from the blue ray to the sound bar and then use the HDMI out from the sound bar to the second HDMI input on the TV. You will have to select the input on the sound bar to toggle between the cable box and the blue ray.

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