connecting home theater with pc


Sep 7, 2013
hi guys, new here in toms hardware, had a question regarding the topic :)

i have this problem that i have connected my pioneer hts with my pc ( which has a dedicated sound card ) creative sound blaster audigy, and whenever i turn on the aux mode in my hts which is for the desktop sound, there is always a static buzz sound coming out of the speakers and it gets louder if i turn up the volume and vice versa, but if i want to watch a movie on the hts itself, there is no buzz sound at all, so its only with the desktop.

i have connected the hts with a red white and yellow which is in the hts and a green cable which is inside the sound card.

any idea what could be causing this ? is there any other cable that could rectify this problem ?

thanks :)

anyone ??
Are you getting a picture? The yellow video connection would not come from the soundcard but from your mobo or videocard. If you have video connected to the wrong output you can get a noise. Try the audio without the video connection to tell.
You may also have a ground loop. If the HTS has a 3 prong ac plug then use a 3-2 ground lifter to break the ground connection. You may also have ground loop with the AV connection.
Try the audio by itself and then the audio and video. That will determine what type of ground isolator you might need.
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