connecting laptop to Home Theater Receiver to Projector


Jun 25, 2017
So I have this idea of connecting
(1) --HDMI--> (2) --HDMI--> (3) --> projector screen
(2) --5.1ch audio cables --> (4)

(1) is either a laptop/PC which will either have blu-ray disc player built-in or an external player connected through usb 3.0. This laptop/PC also may have chromecast.
(2) is the home theatre receiver or AV receiver (synonyms I guess?) with at least 1 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output, amplfied 5.1ch audio output. This could have the chromecast connected to it (in which case an additional HDMI input would be required, and a USB port to power it) instead of having it connected to the PC/Laptop I guess. Which would be better? This would simply be for the purpose of casting something on my phone onto the projector screen and listening to the surround sound system. Maybe chromecast is not needed. I could just use VNC to show my phone from PC/Laptop.
(3) Projector with HDMI input. What should the resolution be (in order to play blu-ray disc quality at least)?
(4) 5.1ch surround sound speakers

Would this set-up work? I don't see this particular set up talked about much on the internet.. it seems like most people are just going with the laptop-receiver-HDTV/surround sound way. I wonder why..

If I use a laptop, then I could just carry my laptop from my office to the basement to connect HDMI cable to the receiver and that will be all.

Am I missing anything?
An AV receiver will have multiple HDMI Inputs so connecting any laptop and other sources is no problem. They all have at least 5 channels of power. The .1 bass channel is handled by a self powered subwoofer.
The usual connection path would be all sources connect to the receiver HDMI inputs, which carries video and audio. The receiver HDMI output connects to the projector, No additional 5.1 audio connection needed.
All surround processing is done in the receiver which is superior to using the 5.1 output in which the PC does that.
You would want a projector which has 1920 x 1080 native resolution (FHD).
That's not the same as 1080p compatible since that usually means that the picture will be downgraded and shown in a lower resolution. Some really cheap projectors will even display an HD signal in less than SD.
You can control the laptop with a wireless mouse/keyboard. Might not even have to use your phone.
Epson makes great projectors and they offer many models. The Home or ProCinema series are very good.
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