Connecting M-Audio AV42 speakers with Kanto Sub8 Subwoofer


Nov 27, 2017
I recently purchased a Kanto Sub8 subwoofer and M-Audio AV42 monitor speakers.
The M-Audio speakers has 1 active and 1 passive speaker. The active speaker has RCA L+R Input and headphone+AUX jacks.
The Kanto sub8 has 2 RCA L+R Inputs.
I plan on connecting them to my PC (with onboard audio from motherboard ASU Maximus Hero VIII), however I do not know how to get both to function together.
How should I connect/setup my speakers/subwoofer to get them to work together?
Connect the AV42 to the lime green audio output jack. You need a cable with 3.5mm stereo plug to 2 RCA male plugs.
Connect the Sub8 to the orange audio output jack. This also does center channel so you will need a 3.5mm stereo plug to 2 female RCA plug adapter. Only one of the female RCA plugs will be correct. A single RCA male to RCA male cable goes to the sub. Doesn't matter which input you use on the sub.
Set the PC to 2.1 operation and balance the speaker levels so they sound good to you, Control the overall volume from your PC.
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