Connecting out door video camera to indoor flat screen to capture sunsets.


Aug 2, 2016
I'm looking to connect an outdoor Hi Def video camera to a flat screen that is indoors so I can watch in real time sunsets, sunrises and storms from the safety of my couch that may roll in. I was going to install the camera to a pole that is mounted to the fireplace chimney to get better height. I also would like to be able to swivel it 360 degrees to get all angles from east to west. Should I be using a cable or am I able to stream the images? Who needs pictures on the wall when I can have glorious Arizona sunrises and sunsets? And now with our monsoon storms rolling in, it should be awesome!
Not an expert but I think you will need cables. If the camera and mount are IP addressable you will still need to get power to it. Your wifi would have to reach the pole atop your chimney.
If not then you will need video, power, and control cables.