Connecting Panasonic VCR to Vizio 4k UHD Smart TV


Nov 26, 2017
I have an old Panasonic VCR that trying to connect to a Vizio 4k UHD Smart TV. I am using an AV2HDMI converter box. I have connected the output from VCR into converter box and to the HDMI connection on the TV. The VCR works and get video. There is no audio. What should I do?
Some TVs have 1 HDMI input that has a separate audio input associated with it. That's so computers with DVI video can be used without a converter. If yours has this then you should be able to change the audio in the TV menu.
Make sure that the audio cables are in the VCR audio output not the input.
There could be an problem with the converter.
Does the TV has a component video input? Most TVs that do will let you configure that for composite video so you wouldn't need the converter at all. Check the TV manual.
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