Connecting TV, Set Top Box, Home Theatre, ChromeCast and Hard Disk together


Nov 24, 2015
I have the following AV components
- Micromax 50B6000FHD LED Tv.
- Sony home theatre HT-DDW5500
- Tata Sky HD+ Set top box
- Teewee 2.0 HDMI (similar to chromecast)
- Hard Disk

The Set top box is connected to home theatre using HDMI cable from Set top box to SAT IN port of home theatre.

The Home theatre is connected to TV through HDMI from TV OUT HDMI Port of home theater to HDMI 1 of TV

In this arrangement I was not getting audio through home theatre, so I further connected a Digital optical cable from set top to to Digital optical SAT IN port of home theatre. This fixed problem and I am enjoying HD quality video in full digital surround sound. the set top box and home theatre also have a coaxial port.

Here is the Problem:

The Teewee is connected directly to TV HDMI 2. This enables me to stream video but Audio is coming from TV speaker. How do I connect TV sound to home theatre so that Sound comes from home theater while playing Teewe. Similar problem experienced when connecting Hard Disk to TV USB for movies.

TV does not have Digital optical or coaxial port. So i connected tv sound to home theater using regular RAC cable to TV IN port of home theatre. The sound does not come from home theatre unless i disconnect the HDMI out cable from home theatre connected to tv.

Is there any solution to play sound through home theatre while streaming video from Teewe or hard disk USB>

Please help. Sorry for long post.
Since your TV doesn't have an optical out the simplest solution is to use an exteranal HDMI switcher that has an optical output like this one
Your set top box and Teewee connect to it with HDMI and it connects to your TV with HDMI. Optical out goes to the input on the HTS.
For playback of your hard drive you will need something like a Western Digital TV media or Android box that you can use as a front end to control playback and give you an HDMI out to connect to the switcher above.


Nov 24, 2015
Thank you. I will look at this option.

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