Connecting TV to cable via coax


Jul 27, 2015
Ok so I know I'm going to sound really dumb, but I could use the help.
So, I got a TV from a friend (model is westinghouse DW32H1G1) and I've plugged it into the rf coax digital cable coming into my room, which is split off of the cable box in another room (which has a TV in it connected to it).
I turned it on and went through the setup wizard, choosing to set it up via cable. Now here's the problem: once it comes up to scan the channels, it scans the RF for them, but it comes up with 0 analog, 0 digital and 0 total channels found. It then asks me to check my cable and to repeat the process because no channels are found.
Could it be that my TV doesn't have a qmc tuner? I've read multiple findings that it does or doesn't so I'm not sure. Could it be something else? Thanks for any help.
If you have split the cable that goes INTO your cable box the tuner in the TV may not be compatible with your cable provider. Even if it has a QAM tuner it would only pick up unencrypted channels if there are any.
If you split the RF OUTPUT of your cable box then you would need to scan for OVA channels to pick up the channel 3 or 4 output of the cable box. This should work. No HD this way though.
You could split the HDMI output of the box and use an HDMI to coax adapter system to send it to the other TV. You would get HD this way.
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