connecting vizio soundbar to westinghouse TV


Oct 7, 2015
I have tried every connection I can think of and none are working. I know the speaker works because I am able to connect my bluetooth products. I have never had such trouble hooking up speakers, DVD, receivers, VCR, Video games, and everything else. I'm pretty good with tech

Vizio model: S3820w-C0 (Soundbar)
Westinghouse UW40T3PW (TV)
Your TV has analog (stereo RCA) and spdif optical audio outs. Your soundbar has both of these types of inputs.
With the optical connection your might have to set the audio out of the TV correctly to be compatible with the soundbar but the analog connection would not have that requirement,
If you can't get either to work try a different source (your phone via headphone out) to make sure that the problem is the soundbar.


Oct 7, 2015
I am trying to connect a sounder. The sound from the regular tv is poor. I am not able to get the sound to come out of the tv through a receiver or a sound bar. I have tried both. The receiver works as well as the sounder (I have hooked them up to other tv's and devices. I have tried every connections possible. I have tried all of the following:
RCA to 3.5 mm Audio cable. Coaxial Audio Cable. Digital Optical Cable.

I have tried turning off the internal speakers. Leaving the internal speakers on.

I am good at setting up any electronics. I have never had a problem.

What else needs to be done?
I cannot find anything in the westinghouse guide
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