Constant High Pitched Noise From One Speaker Only

May 29, 2013
I bought a pair of Creative Gigaworks T20s the other day, and as soon as I plugged them in I noticed the one speaker (not the one the power goes into, the one connected to the main one by a power/audio out cable) constantly makes a whining noise, quiet but noticable when playing quiet music. The noise continues when the speaker isn't connected to the pc audio out. I updated my drivers anyway, tried completely isolating my speaker cables from any other cables, turned off everything except the computer itself, nothing. No change in the frequency or volume of the noise. I'm at a loss.


This sounds like a fault on the amplifier channel to that speaker.I am afraid you will need to send them back and get a replacement.(the amplifier is in the one that the power goes into).


Apr 15, 2003
maybe a ground loop... have you tried moving the speakers away from the pc entirely (plugging them in somewhere else in the house...

i have a problem ... where if my laptop is plugged in it adds noise to my amp... noise would continue even when powering everything off (only unplugging laptop power supply would stop it) ... so if i was you i might shut everything else off and unplug your other devices one by one and see if one of them is causing the problem?

might be bum speakers too however certainly.



cant be a ground loop as this would manifest as a low frequency ~50-60 Hz hum on both speakers.Also a ground loop is caused by two devices being grounded seperately and most audio power supplies do not have a ground pin.
What you have with your laptop is electromagnetic radiation from the laptop being picked up by an insufficiently shielded input stage or input cable on your speaker system.this also would manifest on both speakers.
Christophers problem is limited to one speaker.
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