Constant static coming from my homebuilt speakers, any advice?


Dec 17, 2013
So for a school project I built a speaker system, amplifier cross-over and all, and I finally tried it out today. As soon as the power is turned on the static noise is very distinguishable.

In my amplifier circuit there is a bias potentiometer however to set it correctly you need a multi-meter and i don't have one at home, could this be an issue or is it likely a grounding problem?

Here's the link top the amplifier: http://

And an album of my speakers (yes I know its only mono): http://


The bias may cause this issue, my guitar tube amp had some pretty bad sounds till it was biased after I replaced the tubes. Can't say for sure that's the issue in your case, just that it may be one of the causes.
Are you getting any audio or just the noise by itself? Noisy audio or regulator transistors could cause static noise. If your soldering skills are not practiced excessive heat can damage components. Get a VOM and set the pot according to the instructions. It's may be to adjust DC to zero at the output which would not cause this kind of noise with no input signal. You can use the VOM to check the transistors too,
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