Question Contacts app has huge data storage iPhone 8Plus

Sep 26, 2019
My contacts app has a huge data storage on iPhone 8 Plus. When I check Settings -> iPhone Storage -> Contacts, it's about 1GB of documents and data, although my contacts is only ~ 3000 contacts. The contacts app only use sync on iCloud, not other Gmail or Facebook either.
I tried clean and restore contacts app as:
  • backup contacts from to .vcf. It's only 600kB compare with 1GB on iPhone storage contacts, so weird?
  • unSync Contacts to iCloud on iPhone
  • delete Contacts app
  • wipe all contacts entries by login
  • reInstall contacts app from Appstore
  • import last vcf backup to - contacts section
  • check contacts app to sync iCloud. It takes some time, and the documents storage still remain 1GB as before?
I do not know what things on contacts which take so huge data, because vcf only have text ? This issue may cause my iPhone 8Plus freezing phone/contacts app some time, also some other apps which being used contacts data.
I did update to latest iOS 13.0 and it not solve.
Please give me advice to clean this huge data storage of contacts app so my phone App could use smoothly.
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