Question Controlling volume on Samsung soundbar with Samsung TV remote using "Bluetooth POWER function"?

Jan 29, 2019
Hello, I recently purchased a Samsung HW-M360 soundbar. I am currently using an old Samsung TV (from approximately 2012) and have it connected to my TV via an optical audio /TOSLINK cable. As audio via optical audio is fixed, I cannot control the volume using the TV remote, and instead, have to use the soundbar remote. This works, but having the extra remote is annoying. I'd love to be able to ditch the soundbar remote and control the volume using my TV remote. Incidentally, neither the soundbar nor my TV have HDMI-ARC (which I know is the obvious way to make this work).

I am planning to upgrade my TV soon, and noticed in the manual for my soundbar that it says, "When the Soundbar is connected to a Samsung smart TV released in 2017 or later, the Bluetooth POWER function automatically turns on to enable the Soundbar to be controlled with the TV remote control." You can see the manual here, with the relevant paragraph being at the very bottom of page ENG - 9.

I'm very keen to make sure that the next Samsung TV I buy is one that can control my soundbar volume using the TV remote. However, it isn't clear how to tell which TVs have this functionality and which don't. The manual simply says, "a Samsung smart TV released in 2017 or later", but it seems as though there are some Samsung smart TVs which were released in 2017 that do not have Bluetooth functionality, e.g. the Samsung 55NU7020. I am being dumb in thinking that it would surely need Bluetooth functionality to work? Is there any way I can easily tell which Samsung TVs would support this functionality?

Also, the manual seems to imply that the TV remote will be able to control soundbar volume even when the soundbar is connected to the TV via optical audio cable (since the section explaining this solution via Bluetooth Power is part of the, "Connecting using an Optical Cable " section). Is this right? Is there a limited connection via bluetooth just to adjust the volume but the main functionality still goes through the optical audio cable? I'm a total amateur, but I understand optical audio is much better quality than Bluetooth, so this would be ideal.

If anyone can shed any light on any of this, I'd be really grateful.

Many thanks.
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