Convert Headphone Input to AUX Output?


Jan 28, 2016
I just moved into a mobile home that has an old (but pretty neat) Falcon sound system that has speakers wired throughout the house. It has a radio, tape deck (snicker) and a headphone jack.

What I'm hoping is that there is some adapter or way to turn that headphone jack into an aux input so I can hook up an mp3 player or my phone to play music all over the house. I tried a tape adapter but the door won't shut on the player because of the cord attached to the adapter.

I have a little bit of an understanding of wiring and wiring harnesses but not a lot.

Can any offer any help with this?


If the sound system has an input jack then you can use that. If the headphone jack is exteranl from the electronics then you might be able to change the way it is connected to the main unit so you can use it as a remote input to connect your phone. Another option is an FM transmitter to send you phone output to the radio.
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