Converting a laptop to gaming rig


Feb 16, 2014
My laptop's display is not nice. So, I want to use an external display for laptop (4k monitor only). Please suggest me one with a larger screen. I live in India. I also do programming other than just gaming. I want to play high end games on it so I would like to buy GTX Titan Z 12 GB DDR5:

and use the graphic card as external graphics card. Is this setup possible?

Also, 4GB is little less for my laptop:

So, I would like to add a 4GB RAM chip over the existing one.

Not considering, the existing HDD as gaming enhancement factor. I think HDD doesn't effect gaming(other than game load time).

Also, I want to ask that does CPU effect gaming? This laptop has core i3. Does games actually require CPU for some kind of computations? How is the existing CPU?

I already have bluetooth mouse + keyword.

I want to built the best gaming rig with existing products. Is it possible considering my situation?

I don't want to spend money stupidly in buying new products. So, I want to customize my existing laptop.


Feb 16, 2014

did you see my laptop? What do you think i3-2348M is capable?



May 30, 2014
Its poor... really poor... something that I would not pair with a titan Z under any circumstance. It has 4 threads, yes, but only its physical cores will be useful for gaming ATM, and those are only 2.

It may be good enough for "just" a gtx 970, but titan z is just ridiculous. Like driving a Ferrari with a pair of boots that you use for walking around a barn, stepping on cow pat.
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