Question Coolest CPU of this list (i5-8300H to E-2186M) that gets the job (many browser windows + After Effects) done?

Aug 23, 2019
Dear All,

I'm trying to self-configure a HP ZBook Studio X360, but am not sure which CPU to pick (see list below). (To each of these a Nvidia Quadro P1000 or P2000 can be –optionally– added.)

  1. i5-8300H
  2. i5-8400H
  3. i7-8750H
  4. i7-8850H
  5. i9-8950HK
  6. E-2176M
  7. E-2186M
The device would be used for roughly 80% browsing, web development, YouTube and other media consumption (with many tabs open simultaneously) and about 20% drawing, photo and video editing (Photoshop and After Affects). Possibly also relevant: the device would come with a 4k (3840x2160) screen. I very much prefer a cool silent laptop over one that is loud, but of course the device should still be able to handle above use case..

I was already told that I should probably skip the i9, Xeon and P2000 options (given my preference for a cool lap, but please do say if you disagree) and am considering the P1000 with the i7-8750 and then undervolt the i7.

Which configuration would you recommend?