Corsair Vengeance 1500 vs CM Storm Sirus


Jun 28, 2012
Ok, I'm into gaming, and I don't care about audiophile quality sound. Just enough for games. I heard that surround sound headsets dont work very well in all games, some mirror the sound, or it gets rotated 90 degrees. Which headset does that in less games than the other? And second, can you create virtual 7.1 in the storm sirus? And go from real 5.1 to virtual 7.1? I saw the virtual 7.1 speaker shifter in the CM Storm Sirus driver panel from the internet. Can the virtual 7.1 compare to the Corsair Vengeance's 7.1? Is virtual 7.1 better than real 5.1 in a headset? And which headset is more comfortable and has better bass?

And can the kave compare to either headsets? Is the kave better? And can the Kave use virtual 7.1 too?


Oct 13, 2012
hi i have the cm storm sirus. the 7.1 doesn't make any difference whatsoever and i have tried everything to try and see a a

difference,tested it in battlefield 3 and dead space 2 by deactivating and activating it while in game and minimizing it,also

switching from battlefields in game audio war tapes to plain normal home cinema and there's absolutely no difference. I had to

play around with my settings first cause the headset dissapointed me at first cause i didn't know i HAVE to play a little with the

settings but believe me after i was done this thing performed as it should,bas is so clean and powerful,i had to take them off

cause i set the volume to high and my ears started to hurt but that's my own fault,the directional audio is perfect and i can

pinpoint an enemies location exactly.i don't know how other headsets compare to this one as i had cheap canyon scype

headphones and used my own Logitech z506 speakers for surround before this. i would say go for this headset.its epic and it will

last you forever