Could i use BASS and Treble options in my headphones too ?


Jun 3, 2013
I have 2.1 multimedia speakers with two speakers and one subwoofer

i'm using BASS and Treble to make the sound more beautiful

but when i switch to my headphones the sound turn normal

can i use bass managment and treble options in my headphones like the SUB?
Don't know if the drivers have tone controls but if you right click on the realtek and/or speaker icon in the taskbar and try the different choices you should be able to find them if they are there.
If tone controls you are using are on the 2.1 speakers then those will only work on that. There are tone controls in the audio control software on your computer that should work on your headphones.
This will also affect the speakers so you would adjust for the headphones first and then readjust the speakers.