Question couple of little questions about the edifier s760d


Aug 23, 2016
TLDR at bottom

Hey there,

As of 2 days im in the posession of the s760d.

I do have 2 little questions though;

First of all, there is this comp button on the remote controller, and in the manual it is written that it is only available in the dolby digital mode.

Now my soundcard is the creative sound blaster x-fi titanium fatal1ty pro, and i have both downloaded and installed the dts pack, and the dolby digital pack.
As for now i am in the dolby digital mode, and have pressed the comp button on the remote.
But i cannot hear a difference in the sound.

So, can someone tell me what the comp button does, or should do?

Second question;

There aint any presets available straight away from the console like movie/game/voice etc.

They are there for pro logic 2 mode, but that means that i have to playback a stereo source, but almost everything i play back is multi channel source.

So therefore, i cannot use the presets on the remote control or the controller.

There are some eq presets in the creative startup console, but im not that much impressed by them on this speaker set, it was better on my previous home cinema set.

So is there a software based program to give such an effect?

Ive googled for such programs, but only found some programs that does these things via eq, and for that i can also use the creative startup console eq.

So, my question here is as well, the presets on the console, are they done via eq as well, or is that another technique, and if its another technique, are there programs for windows as well that do the same?

Thanks in advance.


What should pressing the comp button on the remote control do?
Is there a software program for windows to give sound effects like movie/music/voice, etc?
Are the presets on the console which can only enabled via pro logic 2 mode, eq based or via another technique?
If its another technique for the last question, is there a windows program that can do the same but then for not only the dolby digital mode.
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