CPU usage spiking to 100% on new gaming laptop


Sep 3, 2017
CPU usage spiking to 100% on new gaming laptop. I am having a problem when I run computer games and sometimes just watching youtube videos. It spikes my CPU usage to 100% on my MSI laptop. I have a i5-7300HQ processor with 8gb memory and a Geoforce GTX 1050 gphx card. Google chrome and the games I play are taking up over 50-80% of my CPU usage. I don't have extensions for chrome and my in game settings are always set to the lowest settings to try to keep the CPU down. I have tried the game on my other PC which is way out of date with lower processor/GPHX card/everything and the CPU usage doesn't go over 40% when playing the same games. What is going on with my new laptop?