Crackling/Popping issue with Logitech Z506 Subwoofer at low Frequencies


May 12, 2013
I noticed that my subwoofer would crackle and pop during games that have some deep bass in the background for atmosphere, and I tried everything to fix it. I unplugged, replugged all the cables, made sure they were tight, set the computer audio to 10% and adjust only the speaker audio, and I fiddles with my Soundblaster ZX settings a bit. To be specific, these are the soundblaster settings.

SBX Pro Studio Tab
-Surround slider all the way (Even though I only have 5.1, I saw no harm in this)
-Crystalizer slider all the way
-Smart volume at normal preset at 75% of slider
-Dialog Plus slider at 50%

Speakers/Headphones Tab
-Speakers set to 5.1 surround
-All checkboxes checked (just saying that I have all the satellite speakers)
-Bass redirection with crossover frequency at 250
-Subwoofer gain on

-DTS Connest encoder
-An equalizer I made that has 31 Hz at +4 dB, and scaling down linearly to 16K Hz at -4 dB, and Level at 0 dB.

I have done extensive testing, and I found out how to recreate the issue. The crackling/popping only happens on my subwoofer, at a specific frequency range. It seems that at 110-130, especially at 120 Hz, it will crackle and pop. I do not know why, nor do I know how to fix. These are new speakers, got them for christmas, so they were not used before hand. Does anyone have any ideas?


Mar 30, 2014
Hi. I see that no one has responded to this. I have the same speakers.

Not sure if you found the answer or not but I have the same issue. While gaming, there are certain times when the bass booms and the sub-woofer gives a loud pop. Highly annoying. I've had other Logitech speakers that have done the same thing.

Hard to find other 5.1 pc speakers out there today though. Not sure why.


Mar 28, 2014
Do you hear the cracks and pops at low or very low volumes? If there are cracks and pops when physically tap the sub, take it back for an exchange if it's still within the allotted time. An RMA is another option if it's covered by the manufacturers warranty. If the sub crackles when you tap it, the connector or a wire could be loose or a poorly manufactured connection inside. This could also be the source of the cracks and pops if and when the subwoofer cone operates, it's vibrating a bad connection or bad (cold) solder point.

You're probably sending too much power to the subwoofer and it is over-modulating. You will hear this over-modulation in the form of cracks and pop as you stress the speaker cone while possibly having the woofer cone slap against the subwoofer box and speaker basket components.

If exchanging or sending the sub in for a warranty repair/exchange is not an option....

Dial down the low frequencies. You stated that subwoofer gain is ON, decrease the intensity. Turn off or roll down anything labeled-something like-Bass Boost.

Try playing around with the EQ you designed. If you set the crossover frequency to 250Hz, is that the frequency recommended by the speaker manufacturer? Lower all sliders from 250Hz and down to about -5dbA. Slowly try to bring up each slider until you have a good balance of the low end frequencies before the speaker pops. You can start by lowering that boosted 31Hz slider. You mentioned you really notice the cracks and pops at 110-130Hz. Try moving sliders within that range all the way down, to cut those frequencies.