Crackling/static in two different headsets?


Dec 25, 2014
Okay, so I've used a pair of Turtlebeaches for a very long time and anytime there is no sound being played I can hear a lot of static and what-not coming through strong. I've tried the headset through my iPhone and there isn't any static.

So, I chalked it up to the headset just being cheap.

Today, however, I purchased a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X with an AudioBlaster E1 amplifier. Through my iPhone it sounds like a chorus of angels serenading me. Through my PC there's once again that exact static that I heard from the Turtlebeaches.

I've tried the front jack/back jack. Tried several different USB ports for powering the headset/amp and still the same static. However, when I unplug the USB from the amp (it charges it) the static mostly disappears and I can hear it faintly when there is no sound being played.

I've unplugged all my peripherals and had only the headset plugged in, still static. Tried moving it around to every port, still static.

When I completely remove the amp and plug the headset directly into the PC there is no static, but I want to use this amp. I doubt it's RMA because the same sound comes from a different USB powered Headset.

So, USB is causing static on my headphone lines?