Crashing with errors: IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL and Nvlddmkm.sys


Nov 3, 2014
Good day,
First of all I am not realy into computers so I am quite ignorant when it comes to this subject, also I don't know if this is the proper section to post this.
With that said the problem:

1 month ago I started to play Counter Strike GO as usual, however the moment I get on the menu the screen gets these blue and purple squares and crashes.

This was the blue screen I receaved:
(Pic from google.)

Then the computer proceeded to restart and I started the game again to try to understand what would happen. Needless the say it crashed again.

I open Nvidia manager (or whatever is called) and on the 3D management when render the 3D the window stops responding. This is how the 3D render looks seconds before crashing:

And this mensage poped over and over again:

"Nvidia windows kernel mode driver xxx stopped responding and was recovered successfully"

I tried to update the drives and no results.
Then I search around and I noticed that I am not alone, and some said to use Display Driver Uninstaller and so I did, I erased everything Nvidia related.
And funny enough the error was gone even tho the performance took a big hit.

But for some reason Windows installed Nvidia stuff again and so the problem was back.
At some point I decided to format the pc and nothing the error and that Kernel mode deal is still here.

I also made a GPU-Z test to see some info I got from the crash:

I quit, I just don't know what to do besides getting it to a proper shop.
Also my friend told me that this could be related to the fan being full of trash but like I said I am not comfortable opening the PC but if that might be the problem I have no other choice.

My computer:

Processor: Intel Core I5 3210M CPU 2.50GHZ
Ram: 6.00 GM (5.86 GB usable) <- I don't get that usable part
64 bit in 64x
Windows 8.1
Nvidia Geforce 635M (2gb) and Intel Core HD Graphics

If more info is needed I get it.
Thanks for reading.

Paul NZ

Sep 15, 2014
The video drivers are crashing. Upload the dmp files somewhere then post the link

And that 0x116 stop errror thats what that means. means the videocard maybe overheating, overclocked or faulty
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