Question Creative Pebble v2 speakers (connected with 3.5mm extension cable) making crackling noises especially when playing sounds. HELP PLEASE.


Mar 23, 2015
Ok, I have two computers, one on the right side and another mini PC on the right. I needed a way to switch audio between the two so I connected 3.5mm extensions to both the PCs and ran it under the table clubbed with the 3.5mm wire from the speaker. Now when I need to connect the speaker, I just plug it into the 3.5mm extension from the PC I wanna work on. The problem is that when I use these extension cables the speaker makes crackling noises when playing YouTube or games or any sound, this doesn't happen when I plug in directly. The extension cables are from cable creation so they are high quality. What's the issue then? it's driving me crazy, I know I can get a 3.5mm switcher but those are expensive here, I have tried switching the power source, tweaking in the Realtek audio software, removing audio drivers, and updating bios but nothing helps except plugging directly which I can't because then I can't switch audio easily, HELP PLEASE.