Solved! Creative Speakers cracking sound even when there is no input

Jul 19, 2020
I have a Creative SBS A300 2.1 speakers in my house which hasn't been used for a long time. I decided to put it to use but was not able to find its power adapter. So I bought a replacement one which is 11.5V and 1.7amps (Original is 11.5V and 1.6 amps).

The speaker was working fine for sometime when all of a sudden there was this cracking sound on the left speaker. I stopped the music thinking that the left speaker would have torn since it was not used for a long time. But the cracking sound was still coming even when there was no input to the speaker. The left speaker plays sound without any issue but the cracking noise is in addition to that.

I disconnected the wire from my PC and the sound was still there. I disconnected the left speaker which was giving the cracking sound, but still, the sound was coming through the subwoofer. It was more like wind blowing that cracking noise. The right speaker did not make the noise.

I tried all the below things
  • Checked all the wires/connections.
  • Checked for any interference. There was none.
  • Opened the woofer and cleaned any dust that was in.
  • Moved my cellphone away from the speaker and made sure nothing was interfering.
All this had no use and the speaker was still giving the same cracking noise. The strange thing is the noise is coming even when there is no input to it.

I'm really frustrated with it. Please tell me what could be wrong with the speaker. Immediately after switching it on, the sound doesn't come but 10 secs later, it comes up. Then on switching off and on again, the sound just continues like it had been playing all the time.


It's not likely to be the power adapter unless it's faulty which is possible. The boards in the sub/amp may have issues also, the issue there is that you will need to take it apart and check over the board with a voltmeter for proper voltage at all the areas.
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