Cube 3 3D Printer Review: Quality Prints, for a Price

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Mar 2, 2015
I purchased the Cube 3 3D printer that came with 2 PLA cartridges and purchased 3 ABS cartridges from All 5 cartridges failed with in the first few layers of printing. I contacted 3D Systems to get a refund for the 3 ABS cartridges and they told me that they do not take any returns or give refunds. Their course of action is to send replacement cartridges. If the first 5 out of 5 cartridges failed from the get go, why would I want replacements to waste my time messing with them. sent me some instructions on how to dismantle the cartridges, fiddle with them, reassemble them. I tried this several times and they still jammed only after a few layers. Out of 12 starts I only got one part. The company I purchased the printer from, agreed to take it back for a full refund. 3D Systems is another matter.
There needs to be a full redesign of the cartridges. It is a poor idea to try and push the filament through a 15" tube. Once it starts to jam, the gears in the feed mech just grinds the filament up and it will not any more.
I suppose that if you have a lot of extra time on your hands and lots of time and money, you could continue trying to make it work. I run a manufacturing business and do not have the time to troubleshoot their products.
I would not recommend this printer to anyone. The printer seems to work ok, but the cartridges are junk.
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